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       from a dream to reality...       

Who are cbdoilshop ?


We started out with a vision to make quality CBD products accessible to millions more potential customers as CBD became a mainstream industry.


The founders of the LVWell brand are experienced CBD users and found that certain types of CBD work better and for a longer time. For this reason we developed a range of products that all contain a Full Spectrum extract with a palatable flavour.


We launched it at Vape Jam 2018 in London and we were an instant success, drawing the attention of thousands of visitors all 3 days of the trade show, we have carried the product on to other major trade shows and experienced the same success at each time.


LVWell CBD quickly became one of the most popular CBD products in the UK with tens of thousands of bottles of our oral CBD and vape CBD selling every day. At this point it was decided to refine the product and offer a greater range of products at a higher quality than the standard in the industry. We launched the 3 ranges we have today, Raw, Winterised and Max, using what we had learned from the original product we added flavourings, used different carrier fluids and altered our packaging to dramatically improve the product, by popular demand capsules, massage oils and muscle rubs were introduced.


Our brand and packaging has been extensively scrutinised, we have taken advice from Trading standards and other governmental and regulatory bodies with a view to be one of the most compliant CBD product brands.


This is a perfect example, because of the advice and guidance we have received we agreed that abbreviating the brand name to LVWell CBD would be beneficial to our customers and to us as a brand.


We are members of the HFMA (Health Food Manufacturers Association) and the CTAUK (Cannabis Trades Association UK).

It’s important that we know what we are putting into our bodies and understand what is happening. We provide up to date results from our CBD products on a regular basis.

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